Episode 149: How to Spend Your Time (for Business Owners)

How to Spend Your Time (for Business Owners)

How often do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you want done? Have you ever wished you had more hours?The reality is you will always have more tasks than you can fit in the time you have. It’s the nature of running a business! There will always be another email to reply to, another call to make, or another problem to solve.

How you spend your time is important, and today, I will give you one mindset tweak and 4 simple time principles to help you choose how you spend your time well.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • A profound mindset tweak to help you manage your time and make decisions aligned with your values and vision. 
  • Actionable strategies to identify priorities, create essential breathing room, and confidently wield the power of “no” to shape a future that resonates with your goals and aspirations.
  • Valuable insights that will empower you to make intentional decisions, maximize productivity, and achieve both personal and professional fulfillment.

I used to think to myself, I wish time would freeze for 24 hours for everyone except me. We've all been there, glancing at the clock, wondering where the day went and thinking if only I had a few more hours. But the hard truth is that time is limited. No matter how much we wish, the clock just won't hand us any more bonus hours. So My wish for more time never came true. I know that it won't. That's just not how it works. And so I had to find Another way.

Being a business owner definitely means juggling a lot of responsibilities. It means making decisions about where to focus time and energy. It means learning how to prioritize. But we have to understand this. There will always be more tasks than hours in a day. There's always more to do. There's always gonna be another email to reply to, another call to make, another problem to solve. But here's the game changer.

Every decision you make about your time is inherently a choice. When you say yes to a client meeting, You might be saying no to brainstorming your next big idea. Committing to a last minute project might mean missing out on a valuable networking event. Alternatively, every no can also open doors. Turning down one opportunity often means You're making space for something more aligned with your vision. These are the choices that we face day in and day out in our businesses, in our lives, and we do have the power to choose how we spend our time. I know that Oftentimes, it feels really difficult to make decisions. It feels like things have to happen.

It feels like we don't really have a choice, but at the end of the day, we do have a choice. And so how do we go about making these choices? How do we decide how to spend our time? What to spend our time on? How do we make sure that we're deciding yes or no intentionally? And that we're thinking about the fact that every yes is a no to something else. Every no is a yes to something. So when you say yes, what are you saying no to? When you say no, what are you saying yes to? That's what you need to think about. And here's how to do that. 1st, identify your priorities. The first Step is understanding what matters most to you in this season, in your business, in life. In business, is it related to expanding your business? Is it a season of stabilizing your back end operations? Are you focused on strengthening team dynamics? Maybe you're in a place where you want more time freedom.

Once you're clear on your priorities, it's easier to align your decisions with them. So you have to start there. You have to know what your priorities are in life and business so that you can align decisions with those priorities. Second, you've got to align with your values and your vision. Every business Decision should reflect not just your immediate needs, but also your long term vision. As I said, every yes means no to something else. Every no means a yes. And you want to be clear that every yes and no moves you a step closer to your ultimate vision.

Even if it's just a tiny step here or there, you want to be making progress towards that bigger picture, towards that long term, and you want to stay aligned with your values. 3rd, you need to create breathing room. I want you to imagine your schedule as a piece of notebook paper, the lined notebook paper that you used back in school. And I want you to imagine that every inch is filled, including the margins. If that's the case, if that represents what life and business look like for you right now, every moment It's filled. You have more to do than you can handle, then you're setting yourself up for burnout. Just as we need the margins to make our written content More readable, make it clean and easy on the eyes to catch attention. We need margin in our day.

We need margin in our lives and in our businesses to think, to have fun and to rest. It's the margin that keeps us inspired, innovative, and at our best. 4th, embrace the power of no. It is going to be tempting to fill every moment, especially when opportunities seem like great opportunities. But the true power lies in selectively and intentionally saying no. Every time you decline something that's misaligned with your business And your personal vision, you're not rejecting an opportunity even if it's a good one. You're not just rejecting an opportunity you're focusing and deciding and choosing something that matters more, something that matters most to you. So keep these 4 things in mind, identify your priorities, align with your values and vision, Create breathing room and embrace the power of no.

Running a business isn't about squeezing in every possible task or opportunity. It's about deliberate, thoughtful choices. When you understand the value of your time and you align it with your priorities and vision, you're not just being productive. You are shaping your future. You are intentionally deciding what is possible for you and making it happen. Remember, time might be limited. It always is. But the power to choose how you spend your time is entirely yours, so make it count.

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