Episode 122: Going Through the Motions

Building Your Business With the End In Mind

For most of us, we started our business so we can do more of the things we love, both inside and outside of the business. 

I know for me, one of the things I love is having an impact. So, when I heard the middle school needed a cheerleading coach, I jumped at the chance. A chance to help these girls with not only cheer, but mindset and leadership skills.

I knew I’d be able to take on this opportunity because I built my business with the end in mind. I built it in a way that has allowed me to shorten my workday by 2 hours each day so that I can attend daily practice. 

I intentionally built my business with systems and structures in place so that I can step away sometimes. So that I can spend more time with family, take care of myself, enjoy new hobbies, and give back to my community.

But building a business that gives you freedom must be done intentionally, and doesn’t happen when you’re simply going through the motions of business. 


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need to build your business WHILE working your ideal schedule
  • The signs of an entrepreneur going through the motions
  • 5 P’s to show up every day like it’s game day


Featured on the Show:

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating More Time Freedom

A few months ago, I found out that the middle school where my children attend school was looking for a head cheerleading coach in y'all. I jumped at the opportunity. A little fun fact for you, I cheered and danced from the age of four through college. And once I started my career, it's something that of course, largely fell by the wayside. But it's still something that I love to do. So I decided to talk to the athletic director to find out more details. And as I dug in, I found that it would require that I wrap up my work day, two hours earlier each day. Now, I already worked a four day work week. And this meant dropping another eight hours from my work schedule so that I could be at the school at the end of school for practice and games on time. And for many entrepreneurs, this might feel impossible, I know, because they tell me that all the time. But one of the things that I love about my approach to building businesses is how it gives business owners a chance to scale, their revenue, their freedom and their impact. It's easy to get so consumed by the business itself, that you forget why you started it in the first place, and you begin sacrificing the things that you love. And I want you to know that you can do more of what you love, both inside and outside the business. And this was something that I was really excited about. I looked at it as an opportunity not just to do something fun for myself, but to make a bigger impact, to volunteer time with a group of middle school girls to develop not just their cheerleading skills, but their mindset and their leadership skills as well. I had some incredible coaches and mentors growing up. But if I understood then what I know now, or even just a fraction of what I know now, around mindset and leadership, it would have changed things for me and I wanted to be able to give that gift to these girls. It was also a really good challenge for my team. We already practice what I preach, right? So we have systems, we delegate things, the team takes on a lot of responsibility, we cut out things that aren't necessary. But this was an opportunity to take that even a step further and to look at okay, what else can we cut? What's this additional layer of responsibility that I can remove from my plate and delegate to the team. And it's really been good for us, it's caused us to think critically about some things that we've just gotten used to doing and that do create results, but don't necessarily impact the results at the highest level compared to other things. And so, it's not a matter of cutting out what doesn't work. It's cutting out the things that might work but not as well as other things just to make the most of our time. So with that said, that's a lot of what we've been working on in the business for these last couple of months. We're using the same strategies that I teach my clients to remove even more from my plate without sacrificing on any of our goals for the rest of the year. This is so important because you need to build your business with the end in mind. And that means building the business while taking care of yourself, while being present with family. Enjoying hobbies outside of work, showing up for friends, giving back to the community. You have to build the business in a way to succeed as you work your ideal schedule, not hustle, build the business and then try to cut back to your ideal schedule, right you need to be able to build the business while living life the way that you want to. So that you know you can maintain success in that same way. You can't build your business in a way that's dependent on your time and then magically remove yourself without it all falling apart. If you want to hit your revenue goals, your freedom goals, your impact goals then this one has to be intentional. And that brings me to a lesson that I want to give you today. When I talk about being intentional, it reminds me of some of the days that I show up to practice with my cheerleaders. And they simply go through the motions at times, they kind of do the motions half way or kind of mark things, but they're not going full out.

They're not smiling, their motions aren't sharp. They're just kind of doing things part of the way. And I've had some conversations with them around, showing up and going full out and practicing the same way that they will do what they're doing on game day. That way, they can expect a good outcome later, the same way that they need to show up and not simply go through the motions. You need to show up and not simply go through the motions, you need to show up intentionally. And you need to do things, not because you think you have to, or because you felt overwhelmed, exhausted, detached, from the why behind your business, not in a way where you're just checking boxes, getting things done, but not truly believing in or committing to the results that those actions will lead to. Those are signs that you're going through the motions. And when you've given more time to the business, borrowing time from family and friends, other passions, even your own self care, and you're hoping you'll be able to get that time back in the future, that leads to burnout, it's not a good trade off. You can't go through the motions now and think that everything will turn around later, it's just going to lead to burnout. You're tired, but you're not actually moving forward. And so, here's how I taught my cheerleaders what to do. I gave them five Ps to help them remember what good form looks like when it comes to their motions. Now I'm going to give you this same five Ps, but with a different context, to give you awareness of when you're going through the motions. And to make sure that you know what you can do to get back to going full out in business and life. Okay, so first is Punch. For my cheerleaders. That means when they make their motions, they need to go fists first. For you, I want you to think about this. In this way. Ask yourself, are you tackling the most important priorities first, both in life and business? Because of course, they aren't really separate? Are you starting strong? Or are you spending the majority of your time on the urgent requests from everyone else, clients and team are doing things the way that you've always done them, even though you want a different result. If that's the case, it's time to shift things and start strong. And that's what punch is all about. Second is Power. For my cheerleaders. This is all about hitting motions with so much power and control that you can't simply walk by them and touch their arms and their arms flap, right? Their arms don't just move easily in any direction. They are holding their motions with power. And the context for this that I want to give you is about being unshakable. Are you unshakable, you should expect and prepare for curveballs in life and in business. And you need to prepare your business to continue even when you need downtime, even when things happen in life. Also, when things aren't going your way, you need to develop a mindset to keep going, to keep pursuing, to keep holding strong when you don't get the results that you want right away. Otherwise, if you're not showing up with power, then you may be easily falling off track, giving up and just feeling completely out of control. The third P is Pathway. For my cheerleaders, this is all about their motions going straight from point A to point B. For you, I want you to think, are you taking the simple and direct path to your goal? Or are you overcomplicating things? Are you trying to do too much? If you're going all the way around the world to get to where you want to go.

Just because you're trying to do too many things or making things too complicated. Then look at how you can simplify things. Look at what is possible, what strategies you could use or systems or team to go straight from where you are to where you want to be. Try to simplify things. That's pathway. Fourth is Position. For my cheerleaders, this is all about having your arms and hands placed correctly. For you, I want to ask if you have these things in place, do you have the right structure in place? The systems, the team, the strategy to position you for scalable sustainable results, or is the behind the scenes in your business pure chaos, and spaghetti thrown at the wall, you need to put the right things in place to position you for success. Fifth is Posture. For my cheerleaders, that means standing confidently, standing tall, shoulders back, chin up. For you, are you showing up confidently as the CEO? Are you operating in a posture ready to both give and receive? Are you operating in a posture to lead your business to success? Or are you showing up stressed out overwhelmed and giving off an unapproachable vibe, or an uncertain vibe to your team and to clients? These are the five P's that I want you to remember, I want you to start showing up with the Punch, the Power, the Pathway, Position and Posture of a successful CEO. Because it is possible to scale your revenue, your freedom and your impact. But in order to do so, you'll have to stop simply going through the motions of business. You're going to have to be more intentional. You're going to have to design your business to create the life and business you want. And so I want you to think about which one of these five P's you need to focus on first and make a commitment to go full out this week.

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