Episode 12: Creating a New Normal

Are you ready for your new normal?

Everyone’s normal is different. In one business a woman could be making 1k a month and that could be normal for her. Someone else could be appalled at only making $1k a month and might be making $10k, $20k or $100k a month or more. Whatever your normal is, is pretty much what you can expect.

So, is it normal for your income to barely cover your expenses? Is it normal for no one to sign up for your highest offer and only book the lowest offer? What I can tell you is those things might be normal for you but they are not normal for everyone and they don’t have to be normal for you! Here’s the thing… whatever you expect is what you should plan on getting. If you want new outcomes, then change your normal! If you’re booking in an average of one client per month and that’s your normal, change your expectation, increase it!  

Here are six steps to help you along this process. 

  • Figure out what is normal for you right now
    • Get clear on what your normal is currently? Don’t lie to yourself! This might sting a bit. If you binge watch Netflix while you have no clients, write that down. If you never do live videos because you can’t stand the way that you look. Write that down! This leads us to the next step.
  • Understand where you learned this normal
    • Where did these thoughts come from? Did they come from early childhood? Did you learn this state of normal from the people you surround yourself with? You might need to make some changes, but you have to understand where your current idea of normal even comes from before you can change it.
  • Get uncomfortable with your current normal
    • If you want something different, then the pain of where you are now has to be greater than the pain of where you want to be. So, the idea of where you are now should be appalling! There is no way you’re going to tolerate making $1k months long-term. There is no way that you’re going to tolerate only booking one client a month. This works for all areas of life! Don’t settle!
  • Decide on your new normal
    • When we talk about your new normal, I want you to dream big! Go over the top, too good to be true, kinda BIG! Anything is possible. Maybe your new normal is always flying first class. Maybe your new normal is increasing your prices. Allow yourself to dream big.
  • Take baby steps
    • You’re going to take baby steps until you get to your new normal. Whatever your new normal is, you’re not going to get there right away… so, what’s your next step? Maybe it’s never letting your bank account get less than $500, then $1000, and so on. Maybe it’s increasing your prices a little at a time.
  • Never settle for your current normal again
    • As soon as something becomes normal, create another new normal! Keep growing! Success is a moving target, right? Don’t tolerate anything less and continue to change that normal, and create even more for yourself.
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