Episode 113: 7-Figure Desirability

Do you have 7 figure desirability?

The level of your desirability to hit 7 figures will affect the level of your business growth.

Let me say that again for those of you in the back.

If you don’t have an unwavering belief that you’ll hit 7 figures in your business, you probably won’t. Usually when you want something bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. When it comes to money, we sometimes have a resistance level that keeps us from fully believing we’re capable or deserving.

If you don’t 100% believe you’ll hit the 7 figure mark in your business, this podcast is for you. Listen while I reveal the 3 things you need to have in place before you can hit those magical 7 figures.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • You might be someone who wants to hit 7 figures in their business, but just doesn’t know it yet
  • How 7 figures looks different for everyone
  • Why it’s important to lean into any resistance you feel towards hitting a 7 figure goal
  • The 3 things you need in order to build 7 figure desirability

The level of desirability that you have for seven figures will impact the level of your business growth. That's true for most things in life, the more you want it, the more likely you'll get it. When you want to think you will take action, you will take bigger risks, and you won't take no for an answer. The problem is, when it comes to money, there's often resistance to wanting more of it. There's a ceiling of how much you believe it's okay to want. And there's judgement of yourself if you want more. Today, I want to talk about creating more desire for seven figures. Recently, I saw posted on social media saying enough with all of the talk of seven figures. And then countless comments were posted below it with people saying that their goal isn't seven figures. Now I talk about seven figures all the time. And yet my first thought was, their goal isn't seven figures. yet. Maybe for some of them, their goal will never be seven figures. And if so, that's okay. But for some of them, for many of them, their goal really is seven figures. But they simply don't see it, or believe that it's possible for them yet. And those entrepreneurs, the ones who may not know that they want it yet, but they will one day, they are the reason I'm going to keep talking about scaling to seven figures. If you already know that you want seven figures, then I'm going to share some things that are going to help you. But for those of you who hear seven figures, and you're not 100% bought in, you don't 100% believe that that's possible for you, you don't see the life that you'll have at that phase. This is especially for you. And that could be for someone who is just getting started in their business, or it could be someone who has already crossed the half million dollar mark. It doesn't matter how close you are. What really matters is how close you are in your mind.

How do I know that? And why do I want to keep talking to people who may not be sold on seven figures yet? Here's why. In my first year of business, I remember seeing someone online who helped entrepreneurs make a million dollars. I remember it feeling so far out of reach, I remember thinking that she had figured it all out. And that I definitely needed to follow her because if she could help people make a million, then I could probably learn a thing or two from her to help me simply replace my corporate income. I didn't even think a million was possible for me. Like at all. My only examples of those making millions were the big companies I've worked with and corporate and I didn't feel like a big company. I was just a little entrepreneur, a solopreneur. At that point. I told myself, I'd be happy crossing the six figure mark and that would be plenty. Little did I know, right? I didn't feel like I should be greedy. I just wanted a good life. Seven figures seemed so far out of reach. And I wasn't yet willing to get out of my comfort zone to do the work that would be required to make the millions. I didn't even understand what that meant. I wanted to play it safe. I wanted to play small. Again, I didn't think that I even wanted seven figures or so I thought because while I was telling myself all of those stories, there was also something inside of me that really wanted more. But I couldn't or wouldn't allow myself to admit that until three things were in place. First. I didn't have a realistic seven figure vision. I literally couldn't imagine what seven figures in my business or life would look like. Maybe I did have an idea of what quote unquote rich people were like and that's not who I wanted to be. I didn't have clarity on who seven figure Kathryn would be and so I didn't really understand, that money was a vehicle that could be used to be more me. And I was afraid that it would change me into someone that I didn't want to become. Sure, maybe I thought it'd be nice to make a lot of money. But it's funny what I equated seven figures to, I told myself that seven figures equals things like a huge mansion, private jets, luxury resorts, expensive name, brand clothes, all of which really felt unnecessary. Now, I've come a long way since then. And if seven figures gives me some of these things, I'm all for it, I realized that that doesn't mean anything about who I've become. But that's what I thought seven figures meant. The thing is, that's not what it has to look like. And I also realized that seven figures doesn't quite go as far as you think. So my seven figure vision just wasn't realistic. Over time, I began to understand what seven figures actually would mean for me, I crossed six figures, and realized that it wasn't everything that I thought it would be six figures was like a drop in the bucket. And we talked about six figures in last week's episode, six figures in business revenue, it did not mean six figures in my pocket. So I dove into my financials. And I remember projecting out how much my business needed to make for me to bring home six figures. And let me tell you, it was a huge reality tech for me, and a big turning point as well. At first, I felt sick to my stomach, and really doubted whether I should even keep going. Because I was factoring in other expenses and hiring a team and paying taxes all of those things. And I was like, how is this math even going to work? This is impossible. Obviously, I moved forward. But only after really stretching my vision, I put in the work to really understand what seven figures would mean for me, for my business, for my family. And I looked for all of the compelling reasons that I liked the reasons I would want to make seven figures, not for a private jet, and staying in luxury resorts. But for the reasons that really mattered to me. Like being able to buy a dream home, to go on trips out of the country, with my family, when I never left the country, nor flew in a plane until I was already a team. So things like that just simple things that I wanted to be able to do for my family. I didn't come from wealth. But I never wanted to worry about money. I didn't want to ever have to say no to my kids. When I really wanted to say yes. And I searched for reasons like that. And many, many more, I made it about so much more than the money. Because it's always about more than the dollar amount. Creating a seven figure vision isn't about the seven figures. Talking about scaling to seven figures isn't just to hit a milestone and to have seven figures in your bank account. A seven figure vision is all about getting a realistic look at what your life can look like what your business will allow you to create. So do you have a realistic seven figure vision? Really think about it? Is your vision for seven figures? Realistic? Instead of thinking about what seven figures means to someone else that you look up to? How would seven figures change your life? Then answer the question, do you want seven figures? And why do you want it? And do you like those reasons. No matter how close you are to seven figures, you need to be able to visualize crossing whatever gap is in front of you. And you need to understand the compelling reasons why you want seven figures. Second, I didn't have a tangible seven figure plan. I had a few things but not a tangible seven figure plan. I had a lot of thought errors about what it would take to get to seven figures. All things by the way that made it way more complicated than it needed to be. I thought that if I was going to get to seven figures, I definitely needed more offers. I needed to help more people. I needed a huge team. And that was all false. There was a lot more, but I didn't need things to be more complicated. I actually needed simplicity I didn't have a business model that was scalable, meaning I didn't have a way to generate more revenue without working more. So seven figures felt impossible, it felt ridiculous even think about trying to go after it, because I didn't have enough hours in a day to create seven figures the way that I was creating it. And I just simply didn't understand the math to get to seven figures. When I think about seven figures, now, when a client comes to me who wants to cross the seven figure mark, it's just a math problem. It's just a math problem that needs to be solved. And that's a time I wasn't doing that math, I didn't understand that math, and I wasn't filling in certain variables with numbers that would make the math work. I thought I need an insane number of clients to get to seven figures. I thought that I needed to charge less so that more people would buy I thought so many things, again, thought errors, a business model that was really dependent on my time versus it being scalable. And I didn't understand the formula for my specific business. But after I simplified my business, made it scalable, and did that simple math, seven figures was very clearly within reach. I had a seven figure plan that all of a sudden felt very tangible. is seven figures tangible for you?

Can you see it? Do you know how you'll get there? Does the numbers make sense? Is it very simple? Can you get there without it taking more of your time? Are you so close to it in your mind that you can taste it, no matter where you are today? Again, just starting out, even at $900,000 You need a tangible plan to get there. It's not going to happen by accident. So I had a realistic vision, and a tangible seven figure plan. But the third thing was seven figure, belief, unwavering belief. I didn't have unwavering belief. Initially, I thought seven figures was impossible. And creating that seven figure vision and the tangible seven figure plan really stretched my belief quite a bit. I got closer, I could see it, I could taste it. But then I had to push myself even further. I couldn't let my belief be based solely on my vision or my plan. Because when those things changed, I didn't want my belief to dip. I learned this the hard way. When things didn't go as planned. When results weren't coming fast enough, my belief vanished. I didn't have the resilience to bounce back quickly. And I required a lot of time to build my belief back up before I could try again. I had to go from believing only when everything worked well to believing that success was inevitable, no matter what my belief became unwavering. I knew that seven figures was inevitable. Do you believe seven figures is not only possible but inevitable for you. You need unwavering belief. Wanting it saying that you want it isn't enough. If you can't see it, if you don't have a plan to make it possible. And if you don't believe that it can happen. One of my very first episodes on this podcast was about what you want. Do you know what you want? And I'm going to ask you that question today. More specifically, do you want seven figures? Why do you want seven figures? Do you want that seven figure vision, the lifestyle, the generosity, the freedom? And as you think through those questions, notice what comes up for you. Any little amount of resistance that comes up is an area to pay attention to. If you really want the vision that seven figures can create for you, then there is no shame in wanting seven figures. You need to unapologetically remind yourself that it is not only okay to want it, it's necessary for you to want seven figures to want more money in order to create it in order to not just create the money but everything that money will allow you to do. So to build your seven figure desirability. I recommend that you start by building a realistic vision, a tangible plan, an unwavering belief.

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