Episode 11: 8 Shifts To Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

When you think about how your week is going so far and how you’re showing up and putting in the work, are you acting more like the employee or the entrepreneur? 

If you started out your career working for someone else and you’re used to being an employee, there is an entire mindset around being an employee that has to shift to really take full advantage of all the opportunities that you have as an entrepreneur. 

Here are 8 shifts to go from employee to entrepreneur! 

  • Shift from focusing on the amount of time that you work to being productive. 
    • This was so hard for me when I first started my business. I felt like I had to work all day in my business even when the work was done. Rather than just getting things done and enjoying the freedom that I wanted to create as an entrepreneur, I was spending all of my time and filling my day, stretching out how long it took to get things done. I was focused on spending “enough” time working versus being productive and effective so that I can move on!
  • Stop following the rules and start breaking them.
    • As you look around at everyone else who is in a similar industry as you, you start to create these ideas in your head and what the rules are and how you should do things. But as the entrepreneur, you get to make the rules and it’s more important to innovate, to evolve, to adapt.
  • Go from avoiding discomfort at all costs to embracing it. 
    • Be courageous enough to take those steps even when you know you may fail. Risk it because of the potential reward.
  • Work on your business not just in the business. 
    • When you’re an employee you’re working in the business. You’re doing what needs to be done. But, as an entrepreneur, you have to set aside time to work ON your business in order to grow it.
  •  Shift from focusing on the present to thinking about the future.
    • As an employee, you may focus on the present, just showing up each and every day focusing on what needs to get done and trying to get through it but as the visionary, it’s your responsibility to think about the future.
  • Start looking at the metrics.
    • As an employee you might make decisions without any data or numbers, but as an entrepreneur, you have to look at the metrics.
  • Your clients are not your boss. 
    • You’re so used to having a boss as an employee and keeping them happy, that sometimes an entrepreneur, you treat your clients as your boss.
  • Never stop learning.
    • When you were an employee, maybe you have a lot of discomfort around the idea of being a beginner, but as an entrepreneur, there are so many things that you need to learn!

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