Episode 101: Scale Any Offer

How to NOT Build a Scalable Business

Building a scalable business is a lot simpler than most entrepreneurs think it is. And the reason so many of you see scaling as a complicated thing, is because of the haphazard approach you see so many others taking. 

What do I mean by haphazard? Things are done out of order! If you don’t have a scalable offer that is getting clients results, then you don’t need to create more offers, add new marketing strategies or change the way you’re selling. You’ve got to start with the foundation, and build up from there.


First Things First: A Scalable Offer

It all starts with the offer.

Once you’ve hit 6 figures and your time is maxed out, you definitely need a scalable offer.

When you get down to building a scalable offer, the actual process of it can be pretty straightforward. But, like everything in business, there are some tricky thought errors that can get in the way (making it seem harder than it is). 

In today’s episode of The Elevate Effect™ podcast, I’m diving into the thought errors you need to change before you even start building your scalable offer. Then we’ll get into the offer itself. 

So let’s start with your perspective, then move into action. That’s when building a scalable business becomes simple.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you’re not getting the results you want as you build a scalable business:
    • Why you don’t have the free time you want
    • Why you’re not making the money you want
    • Why you’re not making the impact you want
  • How to shift the thought errors that are preventing you from scaling your time and your freedom

Featured on the Show:

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Hey. Hey. And welcome back to the podcast. This is episode 101. So crazy. We're already past 100 and so much more good stuff planned to come in the future. Today, I wanna talk to you about scaling any offer. Because no matter what business you're in, you can scale your business.

You can make multiple 6 figures or even 1,000,000, if you want to, and if you make it simple and if you build to scale. But, Here's the thing. Some of you are making it so hard. You've decided you want to scale, and you're trying to figure it out, but it's just not working. So I'm gonna help. First, I'm gonna walk through why most of you don't have the results that you want. You don't have the free time you want. You're not making the money you want.

You're not making the impact you want, and that's what we're gonna cover in this episode so that you know why it's not working now. The biggest difference between my millionaire clients and brand new clients is their thoughts about scaling. Many of my brand new clients are making decisions and taking action based on thought errors. Now, a thought error is simply something that you believed to be true, and you make decisions based on those, but it's not actually true. It's just an error in your thinking, And that's so much of the work that I do is recognizing the thought errors that my clients have. I show them their thinking So that they can correct those thought errors because those thought errors will prevent you from scaling. And I wanna Share some of the most common thought errors today. So first, you believe scaling will require more work.

I talk about this a lot. This is what I talk about all the time, right? Many of you have placed invisible limits On your business based on what you think scaling should look like or what it will look like in your mind. Logically, you might believe that making more money is what you want, but then subconsciously, your brain is screaming, don't Do it, because you already feel stretched thin, and you can't imagine squeezing in more clients, managing a larger team or learning anything new. You think that to earn more, you have to do more, but that simply isn't true. The more you add, the more difficult it actually becomes to scale. I know that true scaling means not just more revenue or impact, but more freedom too. And if you consider that possibility, then you'll begin to create solutions to scale all 3, your revenue, your impact, and your freedom. You'll realize that it's easier to scale when you focus on less.

The second thought error is that you think offering more will make you more money. You want to make more money, so you create and sell more offers, Or you add more bells and whistles, all of the extra things that you tack onto your offer that you think will make someone want to buy it when that has nothing to do with what actually convinces them or compels them to buy. It's none of the features, right? It's going to be focused on the benefits, but by offering more, by adding more to your offer or by Creating more offers, you're complicating your business and you're dividing your time. There's more that needs to scale And you have less time to do it because you're doing more. And then, if you just look at the math, You can see how this isn't how to multiply your income. I know that simple skills, Doing less, but better, doing more of what works and cutting out the rest. So it's not about Doing more to earn more, it's not about offering more to your clients thinking that that's what will compel them to take action and purchase from you. Those are both thought errors.

The 3rd thought error is you still believe clients get better results working with you directly, and think that they're more likely to buy offers with access to you. So you keep your schedule busy with client work and you give clients more access to you. Your brain enjoys believing that what you do is complex and your brain enjoys feeling needed and important, But when client results can't happen without access to you, your growth is limited. I know that what's best for your clients is to develop trust in themselves to create results, Instead of depending on me, and that's true for you too. They'll get much further, much faster when they aren't waiting on you and I to direct every step, when they learn how to create results on their own. The 4th thought error is that you think people are more likely to buy from you when they speak with you directly. Similar to the last one, except this time, we're focusing on marketing and sales and how that's centered around you. No one else can create content.

No one else can have a sales conversation, or you simply don't believe that you can skip the sales conversation entirely. You think that you need to insert yourself in that process for clients to want to work with you. So you keep yourself stuck. You center your marketing and sales around you, and yet again, you limit your results. I know that your marketing can do more of the work for you instead of waiting and being dependent on you, and I know that your best clients can make a decision without speaking to you 1 to 1. It's possible, it's definitely a skill to learn, And there's some shifts that you can make in order for that to happen. But once you believe that it's possible, That's the 1st step to then removing yourself from selling. 5th, you think that no one can do it like you do it.

Maybe this is part ego because achievement is built into your identity, it's just who you are. Maybe it's part perfectionism because you have such high standards and you wanna make sure that the quality is there. Maybe it's part people pleasing because your clients are asking to work with you, And maybe it's just part impatience because it is incredibly painful sometimes to try to teach someone else, Another team member to do something that comes so naturally and effortlessly to you. So When that happens, you hold on, and you keep doing things yourself. You think no one else can do it like you do. You keep holding on to it. But I know that results can be delegated, not just tasks, but results can be delegated. And it's your job to let go and lead.

If you wanna know how to scale any offer, It starts with recognizing these thought errors. Scaling will require more work, offering more will make you more money, Clients get better results working with you directly, and they're more likely to buy offers with access to you. People are more likely to buy from you when they speak directly with you and no one can do it like you do it. Those are all thought errors. Those are not true. And then, once you understand that you have these thought errors and that they're not actually true, once you have that level of awareness, then it's time to take action.

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