Episode 10: Be Your Best Boss

There were days when I was still in my 9 to 5 where I would come home after a long day of work and complain to my husband about what happened. Most of the time, I was talking about my boss. There would be something that he or she did and I would come home still steaming about it. The thing is, I don’t do that anymore. I don’t complain to my husband about my boss but that’s because it’s me! But, the reality is, I do some of the same things to myself that I used to complain about! I love what I do but sometimes, I put so much pressure on myself that I make myself do things I don’t even want to do in my business! Can you relate to this? Have you found yourself working non-stop, putting in crazy hours and not because you want to but you feel that you have to? If you’re not being a boss that you would want for yourself then it’s time to take a closer look and I have five areas for you to work on as it relates to being your own leader! 

  • Remind yourself of your purpose! 
    • Remind yourself why you started your business in the first place. What it is that you even committed to doing. What’s the impact and vision that you have for your business, audience, the world, and for your life? Remind yourself of every success story. Put them in a folder. Save them every time you’ve received a compliment or testimonial, hold onto those and revisit them.
  • Care about yourself! 
    • Instead of demanding things of yourself, ask yourself what’s really best for you. Stop focusing on what’s best for the business and make sure you’re prioritizing yourself because without you there wouldn’t be a business. So how will care for yourself this week? What does that look like? What do you need?
  • Give yourself affirmation for the things you’re doing well! 
    • Celebrate the wins! What’s one thing you can reward yourself this week? How can you celebrate and remind yourself of what a great job you’re doing?
  • Create space for growth! 
    • You’ve got to give yourself space to learn and grow to continue to improve. Allow yourself to fail without beating yourself up. Allow yourself to learn instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect!
  • Play! 
    • Have some fun! What would you do if you spent this next week prioritizing some fun? If every single day you led from a place where you’re going to have some fun with what you’re doing verse putting so much pressure on yourself to perform. Play around, have some fun, look forward to what you’re doing! Laugh a little!
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