Discover Your Superpower in 3 Steps

Do you know your superpower? Like what sets you apart? Take a second to think about that. It’s so easy to rattle off your job title or the fact that you’re a mom or a wife. But, who are you beneath all those external layers?

I think sometimes we hide behind labels because it makes us comfortable. It allows us to fit in so we don’t ever have to be judged or criticized for our unique differences. The thing is: that’s exactly how you build trusting relationships and attract your dream clients. If you’re ready to convert more clients, it’s time you identify your secret sauce.

Struggling to stand out online? Here are three ways to discover your SUPERPOWER:


What are you passionate about? Our passion is what fuels our actions in our business. When you think about what makes you stand out from others in your niche, consider why you do what you do. Is it to help others find their purpose, attract more clients, live a healthier lifestyle, or maybe even create more flexibility in their lives? Whatever your passion is, that’s what you should highlight…and shout to the rooftops! People who resonate with your WHY will show an interest in what you do, no matter who else out there is doing it.

Stuck on how to find your passion? Start with looking for patterns in your life.

What fuels you?

What can you spend hours talking about?

What do people always seem to ask you for advice on?

My passion is and has always been helping others see their potential. Everything that I have done has always involved helping people see and maximize their potential. What’s your passion?


Your personality is your biggest strength. It’s the thing that will attract some people and repel others. The very fact that you can’t please everyone is actually a benefit to you. It means you’re going to resonate with the right people simply by being you.

I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to put your personality into words and sell yourself. That’s why I love personality tests. While they aren’t perfect and can certainly be hit or miss, some are so SPOT ON it’s like looking into a mirror. Check out a few of my faves:

My personality is very logic and strategy-driven. I like looking ahead and planning for the future. I am quiet and reserved, but I love helping people that I genuinely believe in. Knowing this about myself helps me brand myself around helping my clients get things done by taking calculated action. What’s true about your personality?


Proficiency. The last of the three steps. It’s what you’re amazing at and can do better than most. I, for example, have a strategic background in marketing and communications. I also have a degree in psychology, so I have a deep understanding of people.

Think about your specific skills. What have you been trained on, or what are you naturally good at? What have you been paid to do, or what have people sought you out for? Your skills can be a combination of things, and that unique combination is what adds value to the people you serve. So, what’s in your suite of skills?

Harnessing Your Winning Combination

Now that you know the three ingredients, what do you do with them? You find the connection between them and transfer that into your brand and marketing message. You use it to share your story, connect with your audience and sell your offers. You remind yourself that YOU are the only you out there, and that’s your competitive advantage.

You remind yourself that YOU are the only you out there, and that’s your competitive advantage.Click To Tweet

So, next time you suffer from comparisonitis and wonder why anyone would want to work with you above all the others who do what you do, remember to call upon your SUPERPOWER: the overlap of passion, personality, and proficiency.

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