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LIVE Workshop - August 18 & 19, 2021

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For the CEO who’s constantly spinning the wheels of your business and ready to do things differently

Cut the Chaos and Queue the Clarity

Right now, you don’t need to double up on your marketing. And you don’t need Band-Aid fixes or “quick wins.” 

What you really need to maximize your time and get out of the weeds in your business... 

Is a methodical, practical system to delegate time-consuming tasks and free up more hours for visionary CEO thinking.

You're an ambitious, 6+ figures entrepreneur who's ready to scale to 7 figures,

But that's not just a number for you. Scaling your business means scaling your freedom too. So you can live a life that aligns with your values and keeps you present to enjoy the things that matter.

Here's what I know to be true about you:

  1. You know that scaling your business doesn’t have to mean working more hours, 
  2. Setting boundaries in your company doesn’t have to mean sacrificing growth, 
  3. Running a tight, efficient team doesn’t have to mean you’re no longer needed as CEO,
  4. And working less doesn’t have to mean earning less. 

That's just not your reality yet...

Right now, you're hanging onto your sanity by the skin of your teeth!

You're working painfully long hours with little to no scalable offers to show for it.

You're treading water constantly, trying to stay afloat.

Day-to-day tasks take up precious brain space without making much $$.

You left your corporate job for freedom and flexibility, but now it feels like you have hundreds of bosses instead of 1.

What you really want - is to do the things you want to do, not ALL the things anymore.

You want to grow beyond you so you can take a vacation. Not a working vacation. Not a take-photos-for-your-branding-shoot vacation. 

A real vacation with no laptop, no client calls, and no micromanaging your team from a distance. 

You want to cut back your working hours so you have TIME to 

  • Envision the future of your company
  • Create innovative ideas and solutions, and 
  • Wear that CEO hat every day. 

What you need right now is a clear system in place. That paves a pathway out of the hustle, and points all of this where you WANT it to go. 

That's why I'm hosting:

A 90-minute workshop where I’ll help you shave 7+ hours off your workweek. 

And you’ll do it without compromising your standards. 

Or losing your sanity. 

In Delegate to Elevate, there’s no fluff. No empty platitudes. 

Just a methodical, practical system that gets you out of the weeds of your business, and more into your visionary CEO role. 

When you're fighting fires and micromanaging the day to day in your company, here's what you don't need to focus on:

More Marketing, Mindset, and Manifestation. 

So many CEOs think a lack of business growth means they better circle back to the Three Ms. 

That’s because the coaching industry LOVES to share fast wins they got through manifestation. Or “that one mindset shift that made a million dollars.” 

Because that’s the sexy stuff. 

Those are the screenshots that are fun to flaunt on the highlight reels. 

Don’t get me wrong, the Three Ms play an important role in your business too. 

But if you’re serious about scaling to seven figures, your job is to focus on long-lasting, sustainable growth.

Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and do the not-so-sexy stuff. 

You have to sit down, take a cold, hard look at your numbers and hours...

Then you do the math. 

Because scaling to the next level means maximizing your time through systemized delegation. 

Not your forté?

That's why Delegate to Elevate will Gordon Ramsey your Workweek

We’ve all seen Gordon Ramsey in his reality show Kitchen Nightmares; swooping in to save failing restaurants from closing and rising them up to 5-star establishments. 

Except with Delegate to Elevate, you’ll be the Gordon Ramsey for your company. You’ll pinpoint exactly what’s keeping your business stuck in one place. And you’ll learn to delegate strategically. 

Delegate to Elevate will take your business from spinning on hamster wheels to...

Systemized, organized, and maximized.

What's Inside Delegate to Elevate?

  • Live access to our 90-minute workshop (I’ll be hosting the workshop twice - so you can choose between 2 dates.)
  • Recorded replay, in case you still can’t make it (I really hope you can)
  • Our Delegation Framework Checklist to save as much time as possible, allowing you freedom to strategize and enjoy your life
  • S.P.A.C.E. Audit template (Systemize, Protect, Automate, Cut, Entrust) to figure out where you’re spending your time now, and make a game plan for exactly how you’ll free up that time. WHILE you scale to 7 figures.

I help businesses scale to a million dollars. But I focus on growth for the long-haul,

Because I was in the same boat as you. 

Before private coaching, I was a marketing consultant and strategist for more than a decade.  

While managing the marketing for multi-million and billion-dollar companies in high-paced ad agencies, the higher-ups celebrated my “dedication to the company” (read: always working late nights and weekends) and rewarded me with promotions and accolades. 

But when my 5-year old daughter came home with a drawing of me on my laptop, saying, “Mommy’s favorite thing to do is work,” I knew something had to change. 

That’s when I redesigned my life so I could watch my kids play sports, curl up and read good books, and enjoy game nights with my family. 

Now I’m committed to helping high-level entrepreneurs like you scale your business without sacrificing your family, personal health and growth, or your inner peace.

Kathryn Binkley here, your Operations Strategist and Leadership Coach

But, some call me a CEO whisperer!

I’ve designed Delegate to Elevate (and the resources that come with it) based on:

  • My experience growing my own efficient, inner circle team that’s helped me scale my business without burnout
  • My certifications as a Director of Operations through The Ops Authority and a RocketFuel University Integrator Academy Masterclass through EOS
  • And the most important: helping multiple clients find their way out of the trenches and scale their companies with time and financial freedom.

“I started recommending Kathryn to colleagues after two months of working with her. I see so many visionaries struggle to get off the ground and now I know exactly what they’re missing. Kathryn has shown me a great idea and passion are not enough. It takes an all-in team and strong systems to propel that vision into the future.”

Jennifer Campbell 
CEO, Balance365

You don’t just scale your income and profits. 

You also scale your freedom.

When you attend Delegate to Elevate, you'll shave 7 hours off your workweek.

Minimum. (Many of my clients have cut 10 or more.)

You'll cut the chaos out of running your business and make freedom a part of everything you do. Yes, you'll have vacations on vacations (if that's what you want). But when you are pouring into your company, you'll be focusing on the things that light up your soul.

Nothing more.

The Workshop That Moves the Needle

My client Jennifer started out feeling lost and confused. She was unsure how to put her ideas to action in a consistent, scalable manner. The daily “eye rolls” from her team were wearing her down. 

After working with me, she and her COO Annie are on track to exceed $1 Million this year! And they have total control of their time. 

Annie says, 

“We have streamlined communication, improved and created multiple systems and automations, and have consistent yearly and quarterly goal-setting sessions to ensure that priorities are set and plans are put into action to achieve our goals.”

Maria started out lacking strategy and direction when it came to running her business. 


“After working with [Kathryn], I act with intent and purpose, providing my business with actionable steps to move forward.”

“But these are private coaching clients. Can I see results from a 90-minute workshop?”

Check out these comments after my Think Like a CEO training (just 45 minutes long!):

I’m committed to massive impact in everything I do.

Results Guaranteed, Or It’s On Me.

Trust me, there’s no catch!

For Delegate to Elevate, we’re offering our Do the Work Guarantee: 

Once you attend Delegate to Elevate and complete the S.P.A.C.E Audit…

If you still can’t identify 7 hours of work to shave off your week, you’ll get your money back. 

Just send us your completed S.P.A.C.E. Audit, and let us know you attended Delegate to Elevate. Submit these within 14 days of the live workshop and we’ll pick up the cost.  


Money Back


Save your spot for Delegate to Elevate by August 17th

Right after signing up, you'll get:

  • Instructions to register for one of two dates - August 18, 2021 at 3:00 PM (ET) or August 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM (ET)
  • Access to the workshop replay, in case you can't make it
  • Our Delegation Framework Checklist to save as much time as possible, allowing you freedom to strategize and enjoy your life
  • S.P.A.C.E. Audit template (Systemize, Protect, Automate, Cut, Entrust) to figure out where you’re spending your time now, and make a game plan for exactly how you’ll free up that time. WHILE you scale to 7 figures.


Just $47!

If you’re done wading through the weeds in your business, and you’re ready to scale your revenue - and your freedom, there’s nothing holding you back from joining us in Delegate to Elevate. 

Make the commitment now: Be done with Band-Aid fixes and “quick wins.”

 Make sustainable growth your new normal.

Shave 7 hours off your workweek. Or it's on me.

“In the first 6 months of 2021, we’ve already topped our full 2020 annual income. We also landed our first large government contract.”

Erin Walker 
High Tide Learning

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