Creating Craveable Content

So many entrepreneurs are cranking out content every single day, and while there’s something to be said for consistently delivering content – not just any content will move the needle in your business. When your ideals clients hop online they are bombarded with content. So, you’ve got to stand out and create craveable content that keeps them coming back for more.  

So, how do you know if your content is craveable? Here are four audit points to be sure that you are creating the content that your ideal client finds irresistible.

1. Does your content provide VALUE?

Does your content solve a problem for your audience? Does it help them think differently or open their eyes to a deeper issue? What is your audience searching for when they sit down at their computer and start typing into a Google search box? Make sure your content is addressing their pain points and desires..

2. Is your content easily CONSUMABLE?

Whether your content is written, audio, or presented through video, it should be easy to consume. Consider your ideal client… how do they prefer to consume content? Do they want to read it? Do they want to watch it? Are they busy, on the go, and need to listen to it? Create your content in the medium that your ideal client is most likely to use, and then make that content easy to digest and understand. If you’re writing a blog, is it skimmable? If you’re creating podcasts, can the message be understood in the school pick up line? If you’re not sure what your audience prefers, ask or repurpose it into different mediums and test it.

3. Have you given your audience an ACTIONABLE directive?

Most people want to be given direction. Invite your audience to engage with your content. Give them the steps that you want them to take and then interact with them! Provide a call to action with every piece of content that you create, so that your audience knows what they should do with the information you’ve provided them.

4. Is your content SHAREABLE?

It’s one thing for your ideal client to consume your content, it’s incredible when they connect so deeply that they share it! So first, make your content shareworthy then ASK them to share it. Have you created content that sparks emotion? Debate? Thought?

Create and review your content through these lenses!

Creating content is such an important piece of your marketing, so make sure that it is strong and compelling! Craveable content is valuable, consumable, actionable, and shareable. Use these lenses as you create and your ideal client will always come back for more!

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