Busting Myths and Breaking Through in Business: Why You Need to Make a Strategic Plan (That Doesn’t Take Forever)

The other day I was talking about how I couldn’t grocery shop without a list anymore.

I always ended up with items (*cough* sweet treats *cough*) that I DIDN’T need… and without fail, I always forgot one of the KEY ingredients I DID need.

So, nope, nada, not happening anymore- I’m officially a list kinda gal.

But that shouldn’t really be too surprising anyway, right? I mean given my profession… you know the whole Business Strategist + Coach thing… I should have already known this.

Let’s chalk it up to my adorable human flaws, shall we?

Still, if I had looked at my grocery adventures the same way I did business, then I could have saved myself a lot of wasted time, money and energy getting from point A to point B.

But I get it… we all hesitate in both life + business to get things done… even if they will help us in the long run.

For business specifically, there are so many misconceptions about- dare I say, STRATEGIC PLANNING– that keep people from making the moves they need for success.

I hate to break it to you, but: it’s easier to make BIGGER and BETTER decisions when you have a strategic plan in place.

So stop letting these 4 myths hold you back:

1. Strategic Planning Is Only For BIG Companies:

Um, no- not even close. In fact, I would argue that planning is actually MORE important for small businesses and the solopreneurs that have limited time, money and energy to spend. A strategic plan helps you to be wiser with the resources you DO have so you’re using them in ways that facilitate growth.

A strategic plan acts as your pseudo accountability partner to bounce ideas off of and filter your decisions through since typically smaller businesses have fewer partners or team members than larger corporations.

2. It’s A Long, Painful Process

Sure, it is for some- but I promise you this: It doesn’t have to be. I’ve been on both sides of the strategic table and yes, I have been in the thick of long, drawn-out planning processes- but in my experience, it’s rarely necessary. The important thing to remember is that it can be simple and quick- and still be effective.

3. Never Looking Back

Why is it that people assume that a plan is automatically written in stone, never to be changed? That’s not how life works- we all know that- so why would our businesses operate that way? Instead, understand that your business plan is a living, breathing document that will ebb and flow with your journey.

It’s OK to say, “it’s time to change directions” or make tweaks to something you initially thought would go another way. Shifting in business is a NATURAL AND NECESSARY action; so don’t go into it thinking that what you plan today will serve you in the best ways 2 years down the road.

4. More Is Better

The final myth is that people think the more time you spend planning equates to better results- but, ahem… not so much. Think about it: You could spend an entire year PLANNING your business only to sit on your hands and not take any action. The results come from WHAT YOU DO, not what you plan.

In the end, it’s about quality, not the number of hours spent envisioning, mapping and detailing your business. YOU- and your actions- are the difference in truly creating success and growth… a strategic plan just helps you to see it clearly.

We’ve officially #MythBusted these bad boys… and hopefully, you are already seeing the strategic planning light. Remember: it doesn’t have to be hard, it’s not forever, it doesn’t take forever, and yes, YOU as a solopreneur will reap incredible results just from putting pen to paper and mapping out your next steps. 


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