Let's take your business to the next level ----> and then some!

In this session you'll:

· Get crystal clear on your vision for a wildly successful business and EXACTLY what it will take to #MAKEITHAPPEN

· Shine a light on the hidden challenges that are holding you back and stretch you out of your comfort zone (in the best way) so you can start getting the RESULTS you want

· Take a DEEP DIVE into the gaps in your strategy and give you actionable next steps to start making more money RIGHT AWAY!

A Business Builder Session is right for you if:

· You are an entrepreneur who is ready to accelerate the growth of your B2B, service-based business or digital product/course so you can earn BIG money and make an even BIGGER impact

· Your business success is non-negotiable, but you know you need support with mindset + strategy + accountability to break through

· When you dream of a business and life that lights you up, you picture flexibility, freedom + fulfillment

· You are ready and available to start making choices based on your DREAMS rather than your fears


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 Jamie VC. 


The other week, I took advantage of Kathryn's offer for the Free Business Builder Session. The call was AMAZING! The conversation flowed, and she provided so much value.

During the call, we spent time talking about revenue goals and broke down just one of my product offerings. It was eye opening to see how easy it could be to reach my goal for that item when it was spread out over the year.

This week, I set my sales goals for all the product offerings I will have in 2018. I broke it out by month and realized that by only selling 1-2 of each of my core products per month, I could almost triple my revenue goal.

Now I know what I need to sell each month, and the revenue goal that I was scared of two weeks ago now seems like peanuts. I know I can reach it!

If you have not taken advantage of the Free Business Builder Session, sign up now! If your call is anything like mine, you will not be disappointed!