Hey, i'm kathryn.
Business Coach and Strategist.
Leadership Development Expert.
High-performing Team Builder.
I will help you build a business that can run without you.
I'll never forget what happened in Los Angeles...

I was in LA for a work trip and got into an accident that landed me in the ER. I broke my arm, and it wasn't a small break. My arm was broken in several places, and my wrist was shattered. Did I mention all this happened to my dominant arm?

I could barely use my mouse or type when I got home to North Carolina. I had a launch I ended up canceling, and my income took a hit. I needed to figure out how to work in a different way and fast.

Until that point in my business, I had dabbled in delegating by having a VA or hiring short-term launch support, but I never thought when I left my corporate job that I would build a team of my own.

Now that I had a broken arm to deal with, I knew one thing for sure:

I never wanted to be in this position again, not having any support when an emergency came up and having to scramble to keep my business moving forward.

Your Team is the key to an unshakable business.

I knew the answer was to get more support by hiring team members. The idea didn’t scare me because I spent my previous 10 years leading teams in my former career.

I wanted a team who could quite literally run things without me there. Why? Because the unexpected can happen at any time (case in point, my arm).

Once I had success with one team member, I brought on another one. Then, I had a team member leave, and we secured a replacement. Over the years, I’ve had team members come and go for various reasons, and I got my onboarding, management, and offboarding processes fine-tuned to a science because of it.

I show my clients how to apply these systems based on over 17+ years of team-building and leadership experience to their businesses.

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I'm here to help as many entrepreneurs as possible become unshakable.

Being unshakable means you are:

  • Calm instead of stressed.
  • Collected instead of chaotic.
  • Steady instead of unpredictable.

...And so are your results. You become unshakable when you’re confident you and your team can figure anything out whether you are present or not. 

Your results are sustainable and no longer dependent on you. It’s the freedom you’ve been craving ever since you started your business.

A few more things I want you to know...


I'm an avid learner.

As an Enneagram 5, I want to know ALL of the things. My topic of choice is business, and in addition to reading tons of books and taking countless courses, I’ve had over 17 years of experience.

I started out my career as a marketing strategist and executive for big-name brands with million-dollar+ marketing budgets. I later served as a fractional COO and now consult with multi 6 and 7-figure business owners to help them scale. This is what I love to do.

I'm a wife and a mom.

On a Friday night, you can find us at my son's football game and on the weekends we like to play board games and binge Survivor.

I was born to lead.

As the oldest of 5 siblings, I was placed in a leadership role early, and I’ve since had the opportunity to transfer those skills to business in multiple capacities over my career.

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