6 Months to Unbelievable Success

If you are anything like me, you’ve done #allthethings to grow your business. Just a few years ago, I remember a time when I was running on the treadmill of growing my business.

❌ I was creating offer after offer.

❌ Tweaking my website every other day

❌ Changing my target audience.

❌ Looking for a magic formula for success.

I was also working my more than full-time 9-to-5 and hating every minute I was missing in my children’s lives. Does this sound familiar?

Want to know how I stopped spinning my wheels and moved forward on the path to personal growth and business success?

I started making decisions from a place of faith rather than fear.

…And I hired my first business coach. Now I didn’t have the money to hire this coach. I didn’t have support from my husband. I was nowhere NEAR being able to leave my 9-to-5, but I KNEW that my business was what I was called to do. I also knew that I needed focus and direction and I was willing to invest in someone to help me reach my goals.

Hiring my business coach was indeed an investment. I felt DEEP DOWN that by taking this step, committing to my business, I could earn back what I spent and then some. I gave myself 6 months to get my business off the ground so I could transition from my 9-to-5.

You want to know what happened? 6 months almost TO THE DAY, I was submitting my resignation letter to my employer. Best of all I had the support of my husband behind me.

So, where do you see YOUR business in the next 6 months?

Are you still going to be on the treadmill? Will you still be searching for a magic formula that doesn’t exist?

👎Will you be stuck?
👎Ready to throw in the towel?
👎Burnt out?

Or are you going to INVEST and do the work, change your mindset, and be able to say your business and your life light you up? Maybe that looks like:

An evergreen sales funnel, that brings you revenue automatically!

Booking 8 out of 8 sales calls in a row!

Having $10k plus months, consistently!

Launching your first ever group coaching program, while working part-time in your business!

Having $15k plus launches!

These are real results from my clients and if you commit to starting today, this could be you in the next 6 months. It is amazing how much can change if you put in the work. Don’t look up 6 months from now and only WISH you had met your goals, instead INVEST in your next 6 months and MEET THEM!

A lot can happen in 6 months!

Make success non-negotiable! If you do that, then 6 months from now your business and life will look dramatically different.

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