6 Common CEO Thought Errors

We tend to trust our brains. And, on the surface, that may seem like a good thing. But what happens when our brains lie to us? Should we really believe everything we think?

Our brains are wired to keep us safe, and while that’s certainly helpful in many scenarios, it can also lead to playing small and holding us back from reaching our big goals.

For CEOs, that means our thought errors could hold us back from crossing that million-dollar mark or experiencing the freedom and fulfillment we’ve been craving. Here are 6 common CEO thought errors:


“My value is in the work I do.”

In some cases, you might find your value in doing things you’re great at even though you’ve grown past the stage of doing them.

This can make you feel attached and unwilling to delegate to someone else. 

You know you don’t want to do all of the client work, create graphics, etc. forever. But, if you’re holding onto tasks that are well below your paygrade now that you’re the CEO, it just might have to do with having your identity tied to those tasks. As you step further into your CEO role, focus on creating a vision for your business and life that has a greater impact while also separating your personal value from specific tasks or results. You are more than your work, you are more than a CEO.


“I’m too busy.”

“Busy” is a term in nearly every entrepreneur’s vocabulary.  Feeling overworked and overwhelmed is often the norm.

But what if being busy is a choice? What if there’s exactly enough time, but it’s all about how you choose to spend it. Thinking “I’m too busy” keeps you in hustle mode and gives all of your power away to the work that needs to be done. Next time you catch yourself focusing on lack of time, remind yourself that everyone has the same amount of time, and you’re in charge of how you spend yours.


“This isn’t my job.”

It’s a common phrase I hear from entrepreneurs after they hire team members and are frustrated by their performance or quality of work. They jump back in to help fix things and think this thought. Not only does this thought not serve them at all, it’s a complete lie.

Leading your team, providing feedback, coaching your team, and holding them accountable – IS your job. It’s one of your highest priorities as a CEO. If you’re thinking “this isn’t my job” and you’re the CEO, then ultimately the responsibility always falls back to you.


“My team can’t handle this without me.”

Maybe not yet, if you haven’t trained them or hired someone who is qualified for the job, but when you step up and truly lead your team, they’re capable of far more than you imagine.

Yes – even the most difficult client, the most complex project, the highest-level work can be delegated.

When you stop thinking they can’t and start asking yourself what needs to be true in order for your team to successfully take over, you’ll start to finally free up your time.


“I can do it better myself.”

Maybe that’s true, maybe not. But either way, your team needs to be given the chance to learn, make mistakes and get better. 

Even if you’re better at it, the question is, can you perform as well at your CEO-level responsibilities while still doing these tasks? Doing something better doesn’t mean you should do it.


“I have to have all the answers.”

Whether we admit it or not, everyone is familiar with the dreaded feeling when we have to ask someone for help. You’re afraid that people will judge or reject you.

And this forces you to become too self-reliant and independent, thinking that as a CEO of your business, you know it all, and you can do it all.

This mindset can do more harm than good. Why? Because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. You waste time figuring out how to solve a problem when you can simply ask someone, whether a team member or a coach for help..

Does this ring true to you? If yes, then remember… It’s smart to ask for help.


It’s Never Too Late

Are you experiencing some of these thought errors as a CEO? You’re not alone. These shouldn’t be seen as a reflection of who you are, but something to be learned from.

Remember, you can always shift your mindset and ensure your thoughts are serving you well.

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