5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Work Less And Live More

When you started this business, you never imagined you’d work this many hours. But you’re a high achiever with a big vision, so of course you are willing to do whatever it takes in the short-term. 

It won’t be like this forever, right?!

I wish that were true, but when you build your business to be reliant on you, it’s going to keep you hustling —-> maybe straight to burnout. 

If you want to work less and start living more, you need to get intentional about creating space – free space in your schedule to spend time on your highest priorities in life and business, to disconnect, to relax, to think, to get creative again.

Here are 5 ways to create more S.P.A.C.E.:

1 – Systemize

Anything that needs to be done more than once can be turned into a system. Record the steps, document the process, create templates and you’ll save time next time (or you’ll combine this with #5)!

2 – Protect 

You already know your time is limited, but your boundaries don’t reflect that. What are you saying yes to that you don’t want to be? Are you available all the time for your team and clients? Do you pick up work on the evenings and weekends instead of following through on your own wishes? Setting and following through on some simple boundaries will help you protect your time.

3 – Automate

You may be surprised by the number of things that can be automated these days. Interestingly, what stops you is often the time it takes to set up the automation up front. BUT – taking a little extra time to automate something once that will save you time over and over again is definitely worth it.  

4 – Cut 

You know the saying that 20% of what you do gets you 80% of your results? What are you spending time on that isn’t getting you results? What could you completely cut out without much, if any, repercussions? 

5 – Entrust

What can you hand off to someone else on your team? This is a question you should ask yourself often – even daily? Delegating – whether small tasks or ownership of entire results – will help you free up time long-term.

Which of these strategies will you use to create more S.P.A.C.E. in your schedule?

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