5 Shifts That Separate 6 & 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

It’s not the money that makes you a 7-figure CEO. It’s the 7-figure CEO-level business & mindset shifts that makes you the money.

In my experience, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are struggling to scale their businesses because they haven’t made the right shifts in their mindset, strategy and execution. 

And after working with business owners for more than 15 years, I can tell you the top 5 shifts every 6-figure entrepreneur must make in order to become a 7-Figure CEO.


Shift #1: From Working Hard On Many Things to Working Less on the Right Things

6-figure entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours a week, sacrifice family time and sleep because they think they have to do more to earn more.

7-figure entrepreneurs understand that you can work less by doing more of what works and cutting out the rest. So they simplify, simplify, simplify.


Shift #2: From Decisions Based on Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making

In order to do more of what works, you have to know what’s working. Sounds obvious, but most 6-figure entrepreneurs are guessing at what’s working. They know that some of what they’re doing is working, but have no idea which part. So they keep doing it all, or worse yet, change or cut out the wrong things. 

7-figure entrepreneurs are looking at key metrics every single week and making decisions based on the data.


Shift #3: From Solopreneur to CEO

6-figure entrepreneurs often grow their businesses by doing things themselves. They build their businesses around them only to trap themselves in the day-to-day hustle.

But not with 7-figures. In time, they realize that hustling and working hard can result in a complete burnout. I’ve heard endless stories of entrepreneurs who reached their breaking point and then finally figured out that in order to scale they needed to build a team, step into their role as CEO and learn how to let go & lead.


Shift #4: From Getting Clients to Building a Company

As a visionary entrepreneur, your role is to think big, but 6-figure entrepreneurs are often thinking about one thing… getting their next client. Sure, it’s a critical skill to master, but focusing on marketing & sales alone leaves you with some pretty big blindspots that will keep you from 7-figures if not addressed.

7-figure entrepreneurs ensure they have a strategy to bring in consistent clients, but they’re also thinking bigger and focused on everything else required to build a company.


Shift #5: From Me to We

I’ve met a lot of 6-figure entrepreneurs who have goals and plans in mind that are all about them. Even as they add team members, they’re very focused on their own feelings, frustrations, and goals.

7-figure entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a “we” mindset. Meaning, this business is bigger than them alone. Growth is not only for themselves, but also for their team. Impact is about more than their own life, but about the many lives they can change. Leadership is about more than leading their own company, it’s about leading and advancing the industry they are in.


Have you made these shifts?

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