5 Responsibilities of a CEO

Most business owners hustle their way to six or seven figures. 

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who consistently push the limits of the regular 40-hour work week.

And as a leadership and business coach, I want you to realize one thing. “Hustling” won’t free you, and it won’t get you where you wanted to be any faster.

So my piece of advice? Don’t hinge your success on hustle, and instead spend your time on the highest impact activities for CEOs.

It will require letting go. It will require a shift in how you think and act. As the CEO, here are the top five responsibilities that you should start focusing on right now.



Many business owners struggle because they don’t have a clear vision for the business. They instead work on a tactical routine and spend most of their time fixing problems that they come across. Do you relate?

When you start thinking like a CEO, you always have that big-picture mindset that leads your business in the right direction. You always consider specific, measurable objectives that will be the basis of the business’s success in the short, medium and long-term.


Team Leadership

Developing a world-class team involves far more than simply hiring great team members. You also have to create a great culture that fosters the core values of your business.

You need to lead the team, drive them forward, and empower them to work at their full potential. At the same time, your team needs you to be their role model. You need to position yourself as the CEO of your business. They need to see you as a leader that exhibits integrity—someone who’s able to lead and inspire the team.



Every business has assets, and in many online businesses that includes Intellectual Property. As the business owner, you need to think like a CEO to create unique, industry-leading content. Assets like proprietary frameworks, a book, podcast, and other forms of content can position you as a thought-leader in your industry. More importantly, this boost in credibility and authority can skyrocket your visibility and sales.


Relationship Building

Relationships aren’t important only in your personal life. As a business owner, you should also build professional relationships with other businesses and industry experts. This can open doors to strategic partnerships and joint ventures. It can also expand your network, and give your business new opportunities for growth.


Strategic Decision-Making

This might seem obvious, but the CEO role requires being equipped in decision-making. You can’t be an expert in everything, but you can make strategic decisions based on data, input from your team and alignment with vision and values. Knowing when to say “yes” or “no,” or move from A to B is definitely a skill. Remember, every decision you make is an opportunity to move closer or further away from your business’s success.

Ready to Think and Act Like a CEO?

It’s time for a change. Your value doesn’t rely on the number of hours you worked, or the number of tasks you’ve accomplished. Claim your CEO role, focus on these five high-impact responsibilities and learn to delegate the rest. 

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