5 Questions to Identify Your Core Offers

Do you want to start attracting clients? First, you need to identify your core offering. There are five questions that you need to ask yourself, dig deep, and find the answers to.

1. What are you GOOD at?

List out everything you are good at, knowledgeable about, educated in, have done training for, and your special skills and strengths. What do you do better than others? There are likely quite a few things, and you need to write them all down. Everything big and small that you are really very good at. (But PLEASE do not list aspirational items. This list should only be the items that you have DONE and DO WELL.)

2. What are you PASSIONATE about?

Now make a list of the things that light you up and make you really excited. What do you do in your free time? What’s your favorite hobby? What are you most passionate about? What breaks your heart? What do you love doing? What would you do whether you were paid for it or not?

3. What do people NEED?

There are so many pain points that you can help your ideal clients with, so list them all out. What problem(s) are your ideal clients struggling with that they wish more than anything to solve? What are the most common questions or concerns you hear from your clients? What are the common themes that come up? What do they wish they had? What are their frustrations? What are their dreams?

4. What can you be PAID FOR?

What is your audience willing to pay you for? What are they already searching for? What do they value? What is there a market for?

5. Where is the overlap?

The basis for your core offering can be found in the overlap between what you are good at, what you are passionate about, what people need and what they are willing to pay for. What things ring true for you in all of these categories?

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