4 Tips to Go From Busy to Booking Clients

Running a business keeps you busy, but let’s talk about your BUSY and how close it’s getting you to more clients.

Let’s playback your week, shall we?

  • New FREEBIE designed in Canva? Check.
  • Content calendar all mapped out. Check.
  • Two blog posts written and ready to publish. Check.
  • Website rebranding + copy tweaked. Triple check.
  • Sales calls and client books….<—-there goes the crickets!

^ Tough love —> but NO. *waving my finger*

Your creative soul is costing you clients (no judgement – love my creatives).

This is what I call The Rabbit Hole Effect. You start the week with #allthegoals and #alltheplans, and then you start doing #allthethings 👉👉👉 that aren’t really growing your business. They’re just keeping you busy – busy going down a deep, dark rabbit hole of hundreds of ideas and things you want to tweak and make pretty…but ZERO sales. This is a huge struggle for many clients when they start working with me.

And, here’s what I tell them:

Make it a priority.

I’m not talking about making it that priority where you put it off and do it once a week. I’m talking about the priority you put at the TOP of your calendar.

Marketing your business needs to be at the forefront of your business.

Marketing your business needs to be at the forefront of your business.Click To Tweet

Here’s why:

You didn’t start a business to volunteer your time and hard work. I mean volunteering is a noble act, sure. And, there’s certainly nothing wrong with volunteering your time. But, let’s be honest. You started a business to make money 👉👉👉 to create freedom and to live life on your terms. And contrary to your actions, you know that marketing is what moves the needle in your business. You know you need to book more clients to reach your $10k month goals. So, stop getting derailed by perfectionism and self-doubt…and creative rants. Those things aren’t profitable.

Ready to start booking more clients and gaining traction in your business?

>> Try These 4 Tips <<

Tip 1: Eliminate the Unnecessary

Time is one of your most valuable resources. I want you to consider how you’re using it. Are you spreading yourself thin? Taking on unnecessary projects? Listen. It’s okay – scratch that – it’s necessary to say NO sometimes…even to good things. You have to sacrifice good things to achieve greatness, right?

So, what might that look like in your business? Well, if you’re spending time creating another freebie or tweaking your website copy, these aren’t money-making activities…unless, of course, you’re getting paid to do this for clients. But, so often we find ourselves getting sucked into these tasks because we *think* it’s what we need to do to grow our business. If it’s not absolutely necessary in achieving the results you want —> more clients + more profit, then toss it to the side and spend your time on what generates revenue (more on that in tip #3).

Tip 2: Schedule your Priorities.

I firmly believe that what gets scheduled, gets done – even when it comes to marketing. But, if you don’t schedule in time to start booking clients, it won’t happen. One way to make this visible on your schedule is to block off time for specific activities that you’ve prioritized in your business. Here’s what that looks like for me:

Day 1) Batch create marketing content  

Day 2) Client prospect follow-ups

Day 3) Business strategy.

…and so on.

I have a schedule mapped out because it’s a priority for me. Sometimes, when we have things we don’t like to do, they tend to get pushed to the end of our to-do list – and almost always get pushed completely off…until further notice. So, my challenge to you is to start with marketing. Smack that baby right at the top of your day. You can also block out specific days to devote to marketing and batch tasks like client calls, promotional emails and posts, etc.

Tip 3: Prioritize the tasks that generate revenue.

Up for a challenge? It’s a small but mighty shift that’s going to change the way you operate your day-to-day tasks in business.

Start differentiating between money-making activities:

  • Hopping on a sales call
  • Promoting your services on social media
  • Writing an email to promote your paid offers

…and non-money-making activities 👉👉👉 anything that doesn’t involve direct interaction with potential or current clients (usually more behind-the-scenes tasks).

This is the way I prioritize my business tasks and meet my revenue goals, and my clients find so much success by making this one simple shift.

Tip 4: Look at the potential of outsourcing.

I hear this question come up a lot. Should I outsource? Should I not? First, let me be clear: tips one through three should absolutely come first when you’re starting out in business or still trying to latch on to a routine. I don’t advise outsourcing when you haven’t established a solid foundation with eliminating tasks, scheduling your priorities and prioritizing revenue-generating tasks. But once you’ve nailed these, consider tasks that a) you dread or avoid b) don’t fall into your naturally inclined category of skills c) takes you forever. Then, outsource them. Take them off your plate.

When you delegate tasks instead of trying to be the jane-of-all-trades, you’re freeing up your time to work on getting your services in front of customers so you can serve the heck out of them.

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