4-Step System for Growing a Profitable Business

Building a business from the ground up can sometimes feel like you’re piecing steps together from 100 different sources.

You’re posting on social media.

Pulling together your opt-in offer.

Trying to create a consistent blog or video content plan.

Sometimes you’re marketing the heck out of your business and other times you’re trying to figure out exactly what you’re offering in the first place. Am I right?

But, let’s toss all that aside for a second and zero in on what really matters when it comes to generating revenue

(‘cause let’s be honest…some of those tasks can be cut in half or scrapped altogether).

I’m guessing you’re ready to forgo the guesswork and get a cash injection in your dream business.

So, allow me to introduce my 4-step system for growing a profitable business.


First things first. You need a strategy for your business. Far too often we get caught in the weeds of small tasks that aren’t directly aligned with a specific, measurable goal. I know what you’re thinking. —> I know I need a strategy, but where do I start?

Mindset: This is a KEY to your strategy. You must have the right mindset and know where you want your business to go before you even begin to strategize. Do you believe that you can have a profitable business? You can! Success starts with your beliefs.

Goal setting: This is ESSENTIAL in your business. Your goals must be clear and precise. Instead of setting a goal to “make more money,” be clear about how much money you want to make. Then, give yourself a deadline to make it happen.

Target audience: You need to know exactly who you want to serve. You can’t target everyone, or you won’t be able to serve anyone. What does your ideal customer struggle with, and how does your solution help them? Getting clear on this will help you to take strategic action in your marketing.

Branding/ Identity: Who are you? What’s your personality? Does your business reflect you and your target audience? Make sure that you’re resonating with your target audience’s personality while staying true to your own. Finding a balance is crucial.

Strategic Plan: You need a living, breathing document with all of the key components above. Add in a competitive analysis and your strengths and weakness. Then, collect data to make sure that you are in the know on what’s happening in your industry. Based on this information, you’ll round out a plan that will be your go-to for these next three steps.


Your dream clients need to know that you exist. In a crowded online space, it’s no wonder that people are numb to all the noise.Click To Tweet

It’s easy to be overlooked and overshadowed. But, how can you set yourself apart? What can you do to get in front of the people who need your services?

Getting visible doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it does need to be consistent – whether you’re showing up in someone’s inbox or dropping a weekly blog or podcast. Whatever you choose and however often – focus on showing up.

Lead Generation:

People need a reason to choose you. Providing value is the easiest way to generate leads and turn them into customers.

It’s all about building a relationship with your audience. Give them samples of what you have to offer to help them decide whether or not they should stick around.

I love creating challenges as a way to nurture my audience and get them taking small steps to action. Webinars are another great way to establish credibility and build know, like and trust.

Lead generation strategies are endless, but the key is in finding what works best for you and what best serves your target audience.


Without sales, you’re not in business. So, it comes as no surprise that sales is the most critical step in growing a profitable business.

You should be taking revenue-generating action every single day, and while this isn’t easy, it’s going to take consistency to start seeing a return on investment.

Every Tuesday, I hop on the phone with potential clients for a sales call. Every Friday, I send out a weekly email newsletter with a clear call to action for my subscribers. All of those actions are directly linked to my goal of selling my services.

Now, if selling makes you itch or you don’t think you have the personality to sell, know this:

Selling your services is the best way serve your audience. They need a solution. Not a suggestion. Not a quick tip. A comprehensive solution! Click To Tweet

This is the most crucial step to running a business. What revenue-generating action will you commit to taking daily?

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