3 Must-Take Steps Before Landing Clients

I had an epiphany while my family and I were preparing for a basketball tournament one weekend. I asked my son how many games he’d be playing in his tournament. He said that he was going to play in them all. Not only that, he said that his team was going to WIN them all as well. My son was doing something that most adults only wish they could do. He was speaking his desired reality into the world and holding onto it with the sincerest belief.

My husband and I also found that we were preparing for his tournament as if we would be there all day. We packed snacks, canceled plans, and made time to be at the tournament all day long. It never even occurred to us to do otherwise. Our son truly believed in his team’s ability to go all the way in that tournament, and we were prepared to see the day all the way through to the end. We were speaking and acting as if what we wanted to happen was inevitable, and we planned for that.

When I sat back and evaluated the way my family thought about the goals in our lives, I started thinking about the goals we set in business and realized the same steps are prerequisites for landing new clients.

1. You need to get VERY specific.

The first thing I want you to consider is this, do you believe that you will get clients this month? Do you know how many clients you want to book this month? There is a big difference between saying you want to get clients this month, and you want to get three clients this month. On this particular day, I was writing affirmations in my journal and I wrote, I’m excited to book three perfect and ideal clients this month and cannot wait to change their lives in a way that only I can. When you are fully prepared to have those clients, speaking in this way, and truly believing in this way, will make a big difference in your business. Have an exact number, a quantifiable goal, and then prepare to make it happen.

2. Be PREPARED to work with your clients.

This brings me to my next question. Are you ready for your new clients? Are you able to accept payment, have a contract ready, know your process to onboard your new clients when you sign them up and walk them through their next steps in working with you? If you are waiting to land your clients before you put these steps in place, then you are allowing yourself to have a roadblock in your mind. You may be subconsciously resisting new clients because you don’t feel prepared to bring them on. Get everything in place in advance so that the only thing left to do is attract dream clients.

3. Act as if your client is on their way to you.

One last thing I need you to do is to act as if your ideal client is on their way to you. What can you do ahead of time to prepare, not just for any client, but for your dream clients? I like to set up my client folders in advance. For instance, if my goal is to land three clients this month, I will create digital folders for my clients and place in those folders everything I need to get them properly onboarded. Once I land my client, I change the name of the folder to my client’s name and we begin working on their goals. I act as if my clients are already on their way to me and I am prepared for them when they arrive. What systems do you have in place to prepare for your new clients?

Are you ready?

My challenge to you is to set a real, tangible goal for how many clients you want to land each and every month. How many clients do you have the capacity to take? What does fully booked out, look like to you? While you’re figuring out that step, I want you to start preparing for your new clients. Get everything set up to bring them into your program as seamlessly as possible, so that when you are working to land your clients, you will be confident in the knowledge that you are ready for them.

If you’re ready to get fully booked, grab your FREE copy of my guide, 7 Steps to Fully Booked, so you can stop waiting to find great clients… and start attracting dream clients today!

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